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Golden Shower…..

Doesn’t it sound enchanting! His golden shower rained down upon me like sweet kisses made from champagne! Golden dew caressed my skin and blessed my naked flesh….oh how poetic it sounds….if you don’t know what a golden shower is that it!
If you are reading this and you’re not really sure what I’m on about then best not nip off just yet to ask your other half to demonstrate and you make get a bit of a wee shock. And I’m not taking the piss! Ok enough with the diabolical puns already the more corrupted of you scream in my general direction – get to the point!

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Kinky at the dollar store!

Kinky ChestOk so I’m on a very small budget… I just got this new place unfurnished, and I have to be me in this place, I have lived into many places where I had to be “normal”… because of friends that thought anything fetish was strange.

Now I’m not saying that I want a big black st. Andrews cross in the middle of the living room( who doesn’t!!!). But let’s just say I want everything to be multifunctional

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Sorry kinksters…

Ok so let’s start with me apologizing for not posting in forever!!! And I swear this is gonna change, had a really hard year dealing with all kinds of Shit, financial, social, break ups, lack of sex, depression hit and writing became a chore rather than my kinky escape, boooo.

I’m feeling a lot better, and I think I found some kind of balance in my life… I just moved into my new place this week and its not furnished, so off I when looking for things…

I found my self at home depot looking around getting ideas and noticed my inappropriate chubby; I was thinking naughty, every where I looked I saw potential for some kind of restraint system, or crazy ideas for mayhem.

And well that why I decided to start writing again… mmmmm its good to be back!

Custom Collars!

I have found the coolest site ever! And I wish I would of done my home work  so you guys could of found this for X-mas, But I’ll post it up any way because I’m sure there is a birthday coming up some where; and if you know  that somebody, or are that somebody, then you need to check this out!

Costume Collars!!! Now if you love collars, or are in a collared relationship, or have never been able to find the right collar (I know I haven’t) this is the coolest site for it!

Click Here and check it out!

4 Kinky Things To Do While Unemployed

Ok , so you’re out a job. It sucks. You probably spend time at the unemployment office. According to Mina over at Longing’s End, they’re probably even charging you to park your car while you’re sitting in their long line. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to make this time fun. Because everyone knows you’ll get a job faster if you’re not depressed and upset about being unemployed. Here are our suggestions: Continue reading

Poor Manipulated Boobies

Purple breast, improper bondage, improper, tity tourcher,tit, breastNow I bring this up because, me and the girlfriend were looking around the internet, and we came across a lot of upset  boobies. ( Like A lot!!!) All over the world poor help less boobies are being Tied up, tortured, and Turning Purple! And Trust me they don’t like it! Your boobies don’t have a voice, so I will step forth and speak for them! Continue reading

A randome high thought!

I actually Found this in a Journal of mine and I had to retype it… Soooo great!

Only when your High do you realize what your willing to do for a Klondike bar…klondike bar

So…..what did I DO for the Klondike bar?????? Continue reading